How to Survive Your First Week of University Without Drinking

If you’re dreading getting through the first week of college or university without alcohol, then don’t worry. Despite how it may seem, you won’t be the only one who chooses not to drink, and there are still plenty of fun things to do – you’ll also avoid hangovers! The list below contains a few ideas to help you settle in, have fun, and make new friends, all without a drop of alcohol.

Join Societies

The first week of university is the perfect time to check out the societies on offer, and see if there are any you’d like to join. Societies cover a wide range of interests, from Harry Potter to rugby, computer games to chess, so it’s likely that there will be something that takes your fancy. Go to as many society taster sessions as possible, and chat with members at the Fresher’s Fayre. This is a great way to make friends, even if you don’t end up joining.

Prepare for Your Course

Get a step ahead of your classmates by making sure that you’re fully prepared for the start of your course. If you haven’t got all the books you need yet, check and see if they’re available free in the library, or look out for older students selling their used copies. Doing some background reading on the topics of your first few lectures will help you feel more at ease once you attend them. Don’t go overboard on this tip – the first week is mainly a time for settling in and having fun.

Explore the Local Area

If you’ve moved to a new location to study then now is the perfect time to get exploring. Chances are there are loads of cool places to visit – look out for museums, art galleries and theaters to get a taste of local culture. Attractions like cinemas, bowling alleys or skating rinks are also good to know about, and a great place to organize a trip to with your new friends or flatmates.

At the very least, you can find out where the best supermarket is and stock up on food, as you won’t have as much free time for shopping once classes start. It’s also a good idea to locate the nearest doctors and register there don’t wait until the last minute.

Group Meal

If you’re living in shared accommodation, then a group meal is a great way to bond with your new frat mates. You could each agree to prepare a different dish, and then enjoy them together. If your kitchen’s too small for that, then just order pizza and sit down to watch a film. Many people feel nervous about making new friends at university, so will probably be thrilled that someone else has decided to organize this. If you’ re living off campus, then you can still enjoy food with new friends. Suggest a local restaurant and invite people who you’ve met so far – the more the merrier!

Buy Soft Drinks

Don’t feel that you have to avoid parties and nights out just because you’re not drinking. There will always be plenty of soft drinks to choose from at the bar, and they’re usually much cheaper. You could also pick up some non-alcoholic beer or wine, and offer it around. Many people might be relieved to find out that you’re not drinking, and that they don’t have to feel obliged to either

Be firm about your choice if anyone tries to pressure you into accepting alcohol, but don’t feel like you have to explain yourself. A simple, “No thanks, I don’t drink,” should be fine. Most people will be too busy worrying about themselves to notice what you’re doing!

Don’t think that you have to drink to enjoy the first week of university. There are loads of fun activities that don’t involve alcohol – you definitely won’t miss out.

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