May 10, 2017 Design Ideas

Smart Solution Rolling Workbench

In a small workroom and carpentry, put rolling workbench if you have everything in perfect order to optimize space probably only need to move tables and workbenches occasionally. Rolling workbench does not seem best option, because although these can block table will always have a little dance. solution is to put a wheel that can fold. Simplest would be put in a few pieces of wood with hinges that allowed completely put them under each leg, but this too would raise table to put these partition below and weight of table, and I do not feel comfortable having to lift Thus table. On other hand I do not want wheels are very exposed when folded, but rather they are into table to avoid hitting them or step on them.

Diy Rolling Workbench

Diy Rolling Workbench

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To get a little rolling workbench tucked inside when folded, I put them in wooden pieces that go between legs of short sides of table. And not having to lift too much for folding and unfolding wheels, with screws and pitons closed fabricate some kind of hinges that work as axis of rotation and that can put slightly elevated above ground. So legs just a couple of centimeters above ground when wheels are raised support weight.

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