Minka Aire F518-BN Ceiling Fan Review

There are numerous of ceiling fans available on the market and nearly everybody will assume that they are essentially the same. The performance of ceiling fans though can vary quite a lot and so it will be critical to find one that is effective and can perform the job, much like the one being reviewed right here.


The Minka-Aire Fans F518-BN 44″ Concept II Contemporary Flush Mount Nickel Indoor Ceiling Fan is one of the terrific new choice of best-selling ceiling fans from Minka-Aire. It is not unexpected how good these are and coupled with the very low prices that are offered they are exceptional value.

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Minka-Aire Fans F518-BN 44″ Concept II Ceiling Fan review highlights:
  • Extremely quiet operation at all speeds
  • Best value for money of all comparable products on the market
  • Includes 3 vaneer silver blades with a 44″ span
  • Operates at 3 fan speeds with forward and reverse operation
  • Integral light with remote dimmer control
  • Incorporates a 100watt Halogen Light

Is this the Best Indoor Ceiling Fan on the Market?

The first thing that strikes you about this fan is that it is just beautiful to look at. It has nice clean lines and in spite of its somewhat retro look, it doesn’t look old-fashioned at all. With 3-speed remote control and a dimmer switch for the light, you have everything you need to provide a perfect relaxing atmosphere in your home.

You Get What You Pay For

While some people might think that this fan is a little pricey, you have to balance that with what you get. You will never find a ceiling fan that is easier to install than a Minka Aire fan. Even someone who would not even call themselves a weekend do-it-yourself handyman would find it very easy to install. Three wires connect to the fan from the remote receiver and three to your home wiring. That’s right, the remote control receiving unit is already pre-wired within the fan. Normally you have to install that yourself. The blades simply snap into place without the need for fixing screws. The fan itself is held by four screws. There is even a little hook on the mounting plate for holding the fan in place while you make all the connections. I bet you wish that every lighting fixture has that.

Very Quiet Operation with Good Air Circulation

The Minka-Aire Fans F518-BN circulates air very well even on low speed and it makes very little noise on any of the speed settings. The overall operation of this fan is beautifully smooth and quiet. You will certainly feel the benefits right away.

Don’t forget the remote control either. This works perfectly and is intuitive to use. You won’t even need to consult the manual. The remote control lets you set the fan direction and speed. You can also use it to dim the light. The available speed settings are off, low, medium and high speed. A separate button turns the light off completely.

A 5-Star Ceiling Fan

Part of the Concept II Flush Mid-Size Ceiling Fan range from Minka-Aire, the F518-BN is UL indoor rated and provides an air flow capacity of 4600 CFM. Sit down in your chair and relax while you use your remote to dim the lights and control the fan speed. Probably the best advert for Minka Aire fans is the fact that once people buy one, they would never change to a different manufacturer