Hunter 25517 Ceiling Fan Review

I had to do some quick research yesterday in order to help a friend after she mentioned she was looking for a new ceiling fan. She is aware that I spend much of my time reviewing ceiling fans so she knew I would be able to give her some assistance. She could not have inquired at a more appropriate time because I had planned to take a look at the latest ceiling fans in the Hunter range anyway.

There is no better way to evaluate a product than when comparing 3 or 4 units, which allows me to draw up a list of pros and cons of each. This particular report is a review of the Hunter 25517 Summer Breeze 52-Inch 5-Blade Ceiling Fan which in my opinion was the best of the four fans from Hunter that I have reviewed over the last few months.

Hunter 25517 Summer Breeze Ceiling Fan review highlights:
  • Ideal for large rooms
  • 3-Position Mounting System – standard, flush or angled position
  • Uses Hunter’s Whisper Wind Motor technology
  • AVT hanging system
  • 5 beautiful White/Bleached Oak reversible blades

Easy to Install

One thing about Hunter is that you can rely on their instructions being accurate as well as easy to follow. The 25517 Summer Breeze ceiling fan is no exception and it can be put together in no time at all. Hunter are well known for their precision craftwork and they do everything to ensure that you get a high quality product. This fan also comes with Hunter’s unique Installer’s Choice 3-position mounting system. This means you have the choice of hanging the fan in a flush, standard or angled position. For even more convenience, a standard 3-speed pull chain allows for quick and easy adjustments of fan speed.

Silence is Golden

Apart from its effectiveness the factor that puts the Hunter 25517 Summer Breeze fan ahead of all others is the fact that it is so quiet. This is due to a combination of factors. Firstly the motor itself is basically silent and you won’t hear anything from it, even on the high setting. Secondly there isn’t the slightest hint of wobble because it mounts so securely. Hunter ceiling fans have rubber grommets that effectively isolate the base plate and the blades from their attachment points. This is one small detail but it makes the fan absolutely silently. Indeed this fan features Hunter’s triangular hanger-ball system, which reduces torque for maximum stability and Wobble-Free performance. It is relatively close to the ceiling and this also helps to make it run without any vibrations, which you can get with fans that have longer rods.

Dependable Operation

When you buy a Hunter fan you are in effect buying a fan for life. Fans such as the Summer Breeze will run for 20 or 30 years without problems. The unique Hunter motor technologies result in 15% improved performance, 20% longer life, 20% less noise, and up to 47% savings on cooling costs compared to other manufacturer’s fans. Another big advantage of this fan is that due to its neutral color it will fit into any room and you can change the decor without having to change the fan to match it.

Provides Optimum Energy Efficiency and Maximum Performance

The Hunter Fan 25517 is a Summer Breeze ceiling fan with a 3 speed pull chain with a white motor finish. It is ideal for large rooms and is UL Indoor rated. Hunter ceiling fans are designed to provide optimum energy efficiency in every way and this 25517 Summer Breeze ceiling fan is Energy Star rated. With its sleek design it provides better performance while using less energy. While other ceiling fan manufacturers claim efficiency on the basis of using low-wattage motors, they move little air and so are not very efficient at cooling. Hunter ensures that the blade pitch and blade surface area are just right to provide the most efficient movement of air possible with 52-inch blades.

The WhisperWind motor that powers the Summer Breeze Ceiling Fan provides an ultra-powerful air movement along with whisper-quiet performance. The motor features copper wiring that has a balanced temperature rise in each winding. This means that hot spots are eliminated thus promoting increased motor reliability and longevity. Using precision-engineered large and small ball bearings ensures minimal resistance and friction for virtually noise-free operation.