Flush Mount Ceiling Fan With Light

If you have a space with low ceilings, you are probably familiar with the stifling heat that quickly generates throughout the summer. However, by fitting one of the latest flush mount ceiling fans, this problem could soon be a thing of the distant past.


Flush mount ceiling fans are particularly beneficial in the bedroom. Indeed, they could be the difference between a restful night’s sleep, and one of constant waking, tossing and turning and unpleasant sweat drenched sheets. Another lesser known benefit is in the soothing effect their gentle sound has on young children; which could be a real plus!

They are also ideal for fitting into more modern style apartments. As architects and construction firms try to eke out every cent from their developments, ceiling sizes seem to be ever reducing. Having one of the flush mount ceiling fans can not only add additional air-flow, but also make your apartment a little less than ordinary.

Flush Mount Ceiling Fans -A Money Saver

Perhaps surprising for some, they can be just as useful at wintertime too; actively helping to warm a room. Having your fan on a gentle setting will encourage the warm air, which gathers towards the ceiling, to journey back down to ground level. The result is the entire space heats up. If the space is compact enough, there may not be any need for additional heat sources.

The styles of flush mount ceiling fans available are many, so they can be incorporated into any decor. If you have a more traditional theme to your room for example, something constructed out of wood and wicker would look exceptional. For something a little more modern, the brushed aluminum finishes will work very well.

Many fans come with light fittings too, which helps give more space in other areas of course and can also make for an interesting focal point. Before deciding to go down this route however, be sure to check your measurements over, anything less than a seven foot clearance from the floor to the fan would not be advisable!

All leading manufacturers of fans produce flush mount ranges, and most offer lifetime warranties to cover for any breakdowns. However, having used fans throughout all my properties, I have yet to have a single problem. One thing to remember is that when your ceiling fan is flush against the ceiling, or close to, being able to create proper air flow is more difficult than with a fan that sits lower from the ceiling. What this means is that a flush mount ceiling fan has to be crafted perfectly, and to be of high quality to ensure proper air flow. Going with one of the better known brands is one way. Most of the better brands of flushmount ceiling fans also have a great return policy, should you be dissatisfied with the air circulation.

Whatever your requirements and whatever your budget, flush mount ceiling fans are readily accessible for all. Giving relief from the heat, helping to combat cold, and giving your home a welcoming feel, they really do have a lot of benefits for such simple a purchase.