Ceiling Fans With Heater

Using a ceiling fan with heater offers many benefits to homes. Aside from its air performance, it is also energy efficient to use and less costly to run. Ceiling fan heaters are old contemporary ceiling fans that feature an additional function, producing warm wind through its built in heater. This type of heater is being used normally during warmer days as regular ceiling fans. But during colder months, it functions as a heater keeping the house solid warm. They function similar to a space heater. After producing heat through its built-in heater, the air circulation swallows this heat and pushes it down the floor to give a warm comfortable wind during thrashing cold conditions. As this process continues to operate over and over again, the heater also absorbs the cold wind inside the room by changing it to heated wind. Through this, a nice stream of warm air circulates the room, removing possible cold spots.


Ceiling Fan Heater – What You Should Know

Using a single ceiling fan heater is already more than enough to heat up any window. It can raise the temperature of a room for up to 20 degrees, depending on the model and its effectiveness, and can help even out the temperature of a home during the cold season. 

Ceiling Fan Heater – Many Benefits

Since a fan heater no doubt offers an array of benefits, you must make sure to take care of it. To reduce the heating load that is needed by your heater fan to operate smoothly, you can also improve its warming function by doing the following tips:

  • Look for a ceiling fan heater that follows the Energy Star rules. The Energy Star mark is one proof that the appliance you’re trying to buy is energy-efficient.
  • During cold weather days, you can improve the performance of your heater by closing blinds and curtains.
  • When not being used, turn off your kitchen and bathroom fans as these fans can absorb and pull the heat generated by your heating fan.
  • Drinking hot beverages can also help make you feel warm faster. Avoid eating frozen foods. Not that they should be banned from your system entirely, but do note that frozen food can make you feel colder.