Avoid Mushrooms Growing In Bathroom

May 9th

Although idea of ​​mushrooms growing in bathroom seems a bit unpleasant, there are ideal conditions for fungus to thrive. In presence of moisture, low temperatures, high humidity, and darkness, fungus can make their home in bathroom. Bathrooms offer mushrooms with ideal growing conditions. Although many fungi are harmless by themselves, presence of mold in your bathroom is indicative of a much more important problem of moisture that can lead to more serious infestations of mold.

Wall Mushrooms Growing In Bathroom

There fungal spores on clothing, hair and nails. A good wash and shower usually wash down drain, or so I thought. A sticky spore is all you need to finish in bathroom drain. Mushrooms growing in bathroom have no chlorophyll and cannot use sunlight to create energy; instead, they get nutrients from compost or dirt by washing bathroom sinks or shower drain. Mycelia or silt brought by mushrooms capture dirt and enzymes and makes usable carbon hydrates.

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Treatment of existing mushrooms growing in bathroom with a fungicide is not enough to prevent future mold problems in your bathroom. If humidity in bathroom is high enough to support mushrooms are also high enough to support growth of toxic mold or structural damage underlying structures of wood in bathroom. Make sure your bathroom is equipped with a fan to remove moisture from room. Wet towels also provided a breeding ground for mold and mildew, so hang towels to dry or transfer immediately to a washing machine.

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